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Advocating Change

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We've been given the go-ahead to establish the Blackdown Experimental Archaeology Research Centre. We are creating a truly immersive archaeological experience showcasing buildings and a way of life from our distant past, coupled with a space to preserve, promote and practice ancient crafts; all set within a beautiful working woodland landscape. We believe this to be an incredible chance to showcase our woodland heritage, share traditional crafts and bring the past to life.  

We are creating a truly unique woodland space, part Experimental Archaeology Research Lab, part Heritage Craft Centre & part Open Air Museum. To achieve this, three distinct areas will be created, leading visitors chronologically through our ancestral wood-culture; from the hunter-gatherers of the Mesolithic, to the dawn of metallurgy in the Bronze Age and concluding in the pinnacle of 'treewrighting'; the Anglo-Saxon era. With archaeological (re)constructions of ancient buildings in each zone, these areas will act as hubs of activity, providing incredible teaching aids to schools groups, immersive settings for traditional craft courses and a unique museum to lead an understanding of our heritage. 

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Preserving, Promoting and Practising Ancestral Skills and Heritage Crafts

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Sharing Britain's Woodland Story from the last 10,000 Years

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